At this time, I would like to formally declare my commitment to run for Maple Ridge City Council, in the October 2022 election.


• I was born and raised in Vancouver.
■ My wife, kids, and I have lived in Maple Ridge since 1981.
■ I am a Chiropractor and have practiced in Maple Ridge since 1981.
■ I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and have spent countless hours running, walking and hiking the dikes, roads and trails of Maple Ridge.


■ Elected and served 2 terms as Councillor, for the City of Maple Ridge, 2011-2018.
■ Created a social enterprise that between 2019-2021 donated over $35,000 for local youth mental health care.
■ Director of the Vistas Run for 5 years, during which the event raised over $160,000, to furnish and equip the local McKinney Creek Hospice.
■ Board Member of Alouette Addictions Services.
■ Board member of the Downtown Business Improvement Association, chaired the Safety and Security committee.
■ Member of the Community Health Council steering committee.
■ Runner-up for Citizen of The Year Lifetime Achievement Award 2022
■ Board member of the College of Chiropractors BC, chaired the Ethics and Discipline committee.

 "I have know Bob Masse for many years both personally and in his previous role a Maple Ridge City Councillor during my previous role as Officer in Charge of the Ridge-Meadows RCMP. During his previous role on council, Bob was passionate about all aspects of community safety including homelessness, mental health, addiction and was heavily engaged in trying to find solutions. I would certainly support Bob in his bid for a position as Councillor for the City of Maple Ridge."

Dave Walsh // Supt. Retired.

"Bob is one of the hardest working people I have encountered in this community, always giving his all for those in need of support. I currently serve on the Board of Alouette Addiction Services with Bob and I can tell you that I have never seen anyone work harder to help those in need. He is also a clear thinker who has a desire to make Maple Ridge a better place. Bob’s addition to the Maple Ridge City Council would be a definite asset for the city."

Ian Strachan // School District Principal, Educator

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